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Chris Sollars: Museum Residency

08.20.2010  |  By

In spring 2009, after working on his feature film C RED BLUE J (screened at SFMOMA Fall election 2008), Chris Sollars returned to his playful street studio practice of intervention. Starting with performances of washing trash Street Clean 1997, kicking soccer balls through San Francisco in Cityscapes 2000 (collection Berkeley Art Museum), and sitting and walking as a Pile of Trash 2002 & 2006. Returning his attention to a sculpture practice and lack of space and materials, Sollars started taking walks and making public sculptures with trash... More

Sequential Image-Viewing Device

08.06.2010  |  By
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On April 19th 2010, Chris Coy arrived at Hallway Projects for a One-Day Artist Residency. Within five minutes our short introduction continued towards “art” talk. We discussed making vs. NOT making, objects and NONobjects, looking vs. making. Recycling REcycling Baldessari, materials and BROWSERS, preTumblr, Tumblr, Teenage Girl Omnicap... More