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Presidio: A Place for Art

06.07.2010  |  By
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FOR-SITE’s Presidio Habitats is a unique year-long site-based exhibition that invited 25 artists and designers to propose custom-designed habitats for animals that lived or once lived in San Francisco’s Presidio. The national park being an urban oasis with strange interweaving of natural and social histories (people have lived and worked on the grounds even after its designation as a national park in 1944), to my mind the show has two ostensible and very interesting audiences: animals who used to call the Presidio home, and us humans, who may or may not have been a factor in their leaving but are certainly playing a role in ongoing restoration efforts.

Eleven of the proposed pieces were actually realized and are now scattered throughout the park (although all 25 proposals are on display in the Exhibition Pavilion). The broad conceptual task of the artists being to propose custom-designed habitats for animals that live or once lived in the park, the results vary a great dea... More