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Should SFMOMA Sell Off Its Art Like Detroit?

07.26.2013  |  By
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If you had asked the New Yorker a few days ago, they would have said yes. So why not sell SFMOMA’s Matisse paintings, the Mark Rothko, and the Magritte? Why not pack up the Clyfford Still room and the Warhols and the Ansel Adams photographs, then when it’s all finished, sell off the valuable land? Why not? Just think of the MILLIONS!!!

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Survival Through Touching

03.10.2011  |  By
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I’m an archivist of what I call ephemeral films — films made for specific purposes at specific times, not intended for posterity. These include industrial and advertising films, home movies, and the occasional educational film. A few weeks ago, I drove down to Hollywood to move some film into our cold storage vault. Since we don’t ha... More