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Limits of Poetry

06.07.2009  |  By
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The latest in the regularly rotating Minna Alley sign series. I know I could be less lazy and do some actual footsoldiering reconnaissance, given that this is only downstairs—but who’s responsible for these? Is this person affiliated with Catharine Clark? [Appearance of the signs predates Baer/Ridgway]….

[Update: Anthony Discenza is the artist. Thanks Joseph del Pesco]



04.23.2008  |  By
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Hi Friends,

We’ve been a tiny bit dark momentarily, but do not fear. Later today! (as long as this poet can get the technical apparatus to work back here), we’ll meet another regular contributor in her maiden post. Tammy Fortin! You’ll like her style. And, a few days hence, local writer Eleni Stecopoulos responds to An-My Lê ‘s Small Wars.

In the meanwhile, there’s this:

Photo: Stephanie Pau

Which curious object appeared posted under a traffic directional in the Minna Alley (and right in front of Catharine Clark) a couple of weeks ago. It’s signed (unintelligible) and numbered as one of two. Anyone care to claim?