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Collection Rotation: Sarah Hotchkiss

07.15.2013  |  By
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For our regular feature Collection Rotation, we invite a guest to organize a mini “exhibition” from our collection works online. Today, please welcome local artist and writer Sarah Hotchkiss.

I recently returned to San Francisco from a trip to Vladivostok, Russia, otherwise known as the far eastern edge of the world. This small city sits nestled on the Muravyov-Amursky Peninsula between Japan, China, and North Korea, more Asia than Europe. Vladivostok was, and is, out of the way. At 6 a.m. in Moscow, it’s 1 p.m. in Vladivostok. It takes... More

Receipt of Delivery: Mike Mandel & Larry Sultan – Ties

08.17.2012  |  By

Receipt of Delivery is a weekly series featuring Bay Area exhibition mailers selected from the SFMOMA Research Library’s collection of artists’ ephemera.

Mike Mandel (b. 1950) and Larry Sultan (1946–2009) began their 30-year collaboration around their shared interest in cultural artifacts and the idea of the billboard. Designing and then docu... More

To Various Persons Talked to All at Once

12.22.2010  |  By
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Because this is my last post for 2010 I wanted to reflect on a few photographs I took when I was living in San Francisco. Having been away from the Bay Area for almost two years now, there are certain moments I recall vividly, in full color and in 3-D, if you know what I mean. One such moment was when I was taking pictures at Southern Exposure in 2... More