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Orange Skies

05.04.2009  |  By
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We went to the exhibition “I am Kurious Orange” on Friday, having misread the invitation and me thinking that I was going to hear a band made up of artists I know, who were forming a de facto The Fall cover band. I guess I can’t read because when I pushed open the door, my pals were nowhere to be seen, but instead we wound up with ringside seats at a theatrical extravaganza it will take all my enthusiasm to describe.

“I am Kurious Orange” is organized by Anne Colvin and presented at David Cunningham Projects on Folsom Street. I know many of my readers will know the block of Folsom to which I refer when I tell you that it’s the block with “Truck” on the end. That’s the gay bar that wits used to call “Truc-kay,” in the French style. Anyhow it’s a decrepit block that hitherto I ‘d always scurried by, but now that I‘ve experienced the excitement of David Cunningham I will be lingering there on the street corners like a superannuated prostitute, or Ju... More