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Walk of Fame

05.27.2013  |  By
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Garry Winogrand is on view on the museum’s fourth floor through June 2. Thanks to Georgie Devereux, who interviewed Anastasia Mann and Susan Wall at SFMOMA on April 27, 2013, and to Judy Bloch, managing editor of publications, for this post.

They’ve been called the Three Graces, walking east on Hollywood Boulevard in a shaft of unearthly light ... More


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Before making this artwork, which itself was originally a text piece for a wall, John Baldessari had the epiphany that his art was horrible, or that he had not been making what he wanted to be making. So after 13 years living a lie as a painter — he was fed up at not getting anywhere with his work — he did what any self-respecting artist shoul... More