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League of F.A.M.E. — WEEK 1 (Artforum Ads Week) Results

10.05.2013  |  By
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EXTRA EXTRA! The League of F.A.M.E. week 1 results are in! If you have been following, you know from the video posts that Artforum Ads was the category drawn for week 1. The tallying began with the February 2013 issue of Artforum ceremoniously torn in half by The Commissioners. Then it was sifted line by line…

There were some standout artist... More

Crouching Woman, Hidden Story: Erin Hyman on Kiki Smith’s Lilith

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Beyond Belief: 100 Years of the Spiritual in Modern Art, jointly organized by SFMOMA and the Contemporary Jewish Museum (CJM), is on view at the CJM through October 27. Open Space presents a series of posts in which invited writers explore various aspects of the exhibition. Today please welcome writer Erin Hyman.

A crouching woman hangs from the wall, muscles tense, flanks coiled like a spring, as if ready to pounce. The gallery is marked “Genesis” but there is nothing Edenic here, as we have come to know the term — no Adam, no Eve, no Tr... More

Lebbeus Woods, Architect: Kiki Smith

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Lebbeus Woods, Architect is on view at SFMOMA till June 2. Open Space is pleased to be hosting a series of posts on Woods’s work and legacy. Today, please welcome artist Kiki Smith.

I think Lebbeus and I were an eccentric combination. I played the straight man, grounding both works that we made — Skypool in Lapland, Finland, as well as our piec... More

Visitor Flickr Photo(s) of the Week

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[A series this time around—visitors posing with Kiki Smith’s Virgin Mary sculpture in the SFMOMA Rooftop Garden.]

We choose the Flickr pictures of the week from anything tagged “SFMOMA”. You tag too!


One on One: Alison Gass on Kiki Smith

06.24.2009  |  By
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[Alongside our weekly in-gallery curator “One on One” talks, we post regular ‘one on one’ bits from curators, staff, and public, on a particular work or exhibition they’re interested in. Follow the series here. Today’s post is from assistant curator of painting and sculpture Ali Gass. Thanks Ali!]

Kiki Smith’s Lilith crouches and hangs in a precarious position of emotional and physical tension. The sculpture is a life-like figure of a woman. (Indeed, Smith’s mode of making the work heightens this natu... More