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FIELD WORK: Mark di Suvero at Crissy Field — Poets Respond

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On the occasion of Mark di Suvero at Crissy Field, SFMOMA curator of public programs Frank Smigiel and poet and playwright Kevin Killian have co-organized a small chapbook of poetry, beautifully hand-produced by Andrew Kenower and Lara Durback. We’ll be posting selections from FIELD WORK on Open Space throughout the fall. Kevin Killian introd... More

Kevin Killian’s Wet Paint

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We had such a tremendously fun time last week before, during, and after the Poets’ Theater performance of Kevin Killian‘s Wet Paint, I thought, Why not share THE SCRIPT with you all? and Kevin graciously agreed. Download it here.

From the evening’s program:

Wet Paint was commissioned by Bill Berkson at the San Francisco Art Instit... More

TONIGHT: Kevin Killian and Poets’ Theater Present WET PAINT

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THEY INVENTED A NEW KIND OF ART … AND A NEW KIND OF SEX TO GO WITH IT! What do Jay DeFeo, Janis Joplin, Diego Rivera, and a trio of Hungarian refugees have in common?  It’s not quite clear! Join us in the Wattis Theater *tonight* to find out, in a one-night-only performance of super sparkling star Kevin Killian’s Wet Paint — the story of Jay DeFeo and San Francisco’s bohemian underground, with a superb cast of artists, poets, filmmakers, musicians, critics, and other San Francisco luminaries, playing in tribute to th... More

Stage Presence: D-L Alvarez and Kevin Killian

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All summer long, as part of the exhibition Stage Presence, we’re hosting LIVE performances in a specially commissioned fourth-floor performance space created by Tucker Nichols. Totally awesome artist lineup, and we’re posting rehearsal pix plus follow-up videos every week.

Videographer: Jim Granato


Next up: Richard T. Walker! Mo... More

Backstage: D-L Alvarez and Kevin Killian

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All summer long, as part of the exhibition Stage Presence, we’re hosting LIVE performances in a specially commissioned fourth-floor performance space created by Tucker Nichols. Totally awesome artist lineup, and we’re posting rehearsal pix plus performance videos every week.

D-L Alvarez, Kevin Killian, and crew yesterday, getting a feeling for The Visitor Owl:

This collaboration between writer Killian, visual artist Alvarez, and the San Francisco Poets Theater features hyperbolic reenactments of two seminal Sidney Poitier films... More

Zina Al-Shukri: A Portrait

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When our pictures are taken we want to look good. And when we don’t look good, we cringe. I’m thinking of the ubiquitous profile pic on Facebook where the camera is set extremely high and pointing downwards so the person’s eyes look huge, their face thin and elongated with a pointy chin, no problematic neck; if shoulders appear, they’re teeny, like a cartoon character’s. People post such distortions because they want to look good.  And last February, when I sat on Zina Al-Shukri’s couch in her Dogpatch studio as she painted my port... More

Off Label at SF International Film Festival

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This week Off Label, the second feature-length documentary of former homeboys Donal Mosher and Michael Palmieri, had its West Coast premiere at the San Francisco International Film Festival. The film’s title refers to the legal practice of prescribing pharmaceuticals for a use not approved by the FDA, such as prescribing antidepressants that caus... More

Wayne Koestenbaum at SFAI

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On Wednesday, April 11th, Wayne Koestenbaum spoke at the San Francisco Art Institute as part of the Visiting Artists and Scholars lecture series curated by Glen Helfand. That afternoon, on the other side of the city, and with one eye on the clock, Kevin Killian visited my Fundamentals of Creative Reading class at San Francisco State. To transmit th... More

Golden Brown

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At this patriotic season, I have to admit, I’m more loyal to California than the U.S. of A. It is, after all, the blue state where I was born (the San Fernando Valley), and those sun-baked Fourth of July’s of my childhood — KFC and Shasta cola in Shoup Park for fireworks — are dry roasted into my memory bank. Barefoot, faded paisley bedspreads unfurled on brown crabgrass at a city-funded recreation area that right about now is probably facing serious service cuts, if not all-out closure. The memories aren’t erasable, but the sites the... More

Palimpsest 11

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Palimpsest, i.e., a parchment from which one writing has been erased to make room for another.” H. D.

“It was a magic process.” Fran Herndon

Jack Spicer and Fran Herndon, poet and painter, were the best of friends. When they first met, Fran hadn’t started painting yet. As she got to know Jack, she turned that corner.

San Francisco, 1959 to ’60, it was a most exciting time for the pair. Spicer was working on “Homage to Creeley,” an amazing series of poems that became a sequence in Heads of the Town up to the Aether. Jack wou... More

75 Reasons to Live: Kevin Killian on Andy Warhol

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Kevin Killian is a poet, novelist, playwright, Open Space blogging alumni, and my personal hero. He’s talking about Andy Warhol’s National Velvet (1963). Loads more on Warhol here. Warhol Wednesday!

Remember the end of Manhattan, when Woody Allen asks himself what makes life worth living? Last January, during SFMOMA’s three day ... More


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When I visit SFMOMA I am both an outsider without status and an artist in my own right, with a peculiar variety of privilege. Being a writer, I’m not central to the Bay Area art scene, but I bisect with it in overlapping circles. If you know any curators, the first thing that you’ll realize is that in private they love to act out, to throw off the formal constraints of writing copy for catalogues and signage, or whatever they call those informative blocks of text that hang on the gallery walls, from which the first person in forbidden. In private they take enormous pleasure in disclosing, in writing the forbidden, getting all personal and critical and gossipy, throwing around the first person with abandon. Get them alone and they’re eager to extricate themselves from the official discourse of the museum, to show the human side of the process, all the insecurities and resentments and near catastrophes. They expose their feelings about their jobs, and how at times when rushing... More


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Man I am so jacked up on the biggest Shirley Temple in a dirty glass from Vesuvio, extra formaldehyde from the maraschino cherry, please. I went there for a mocktail after hearing Kevin Killian read from his latest book, Impossible Princess, at City Lights. Kevin Killian is so freaking funny, and his work is so brazenly vulnerable in that it’s vulnerable to be so weird and risky and also risque, and he just plunges into the hilarious muck of it with pretty much the best vibes I’ve ever felt off a writer giving a reading. Some litera... More

Thank you. Gracias. Grazie Mille. Infinite, etc.

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Left: Kevin Killian, Adrienne Skye Roberts, Eric Heiman.  Right: Anu Vikram. MIA: Julian Myers

You can see they weren’t a thousand percent keen on having me take their picture when we all got together the first time to meet that pretty afternoon last April, but hopefully I will be forgiven for posting these now.  I want to say a million times THANK YOU,  & offer  STANDING OVATION to our fantastic first group of columnist-bloggers, whose official term now comes to a close: KEVIN KILLIAN! JULIAN MYERS! ADRIENNE SKYE ROBERTS! ERIC H... More