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Visitor Flickr Photo of the Week

06.04.2010  |  By
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Tony Stone a.k.a itonys took this colorful shot of the Kerry James Marshall murals reflecting off of the usually somber granite of the SFMOMA Atrium.

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Five Questions: Christo & Christina

12.11.2009  |  By
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[Five questions to SFMOMA visitors, artists, staff, or guests.]

Name/ Place of Residence/ Occupation/ Hobby?

My name is Christo. I am information desk attendant at SFMOMA. I’m also a painter. A hobby of mine would be photography.

Do you collect anything?

I’ve noticed a collection of cameras in my apartment. And that just kind of happen... More

Visible Means of Support: Precita Eyes does Kerry James Marshall

08.10.2009  |  By
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Surely if you’ve been in the building anytime in recent months, you’ve taken a look at our latest Haas Atrium commission, Kerry James Marshall’s monumental pair of murals called Visible Means of Support. Last February a team of painters from Precita Eyes Mural Arts Center, a community mural organization based in San Francisco̵... More

Visible Means of Support: Kerry James Marshall Atrium Comission

03.02.2009  |  By
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Our newest atrium commission, which had its official opening/unveiling last Thursday,  features artist Kerry James Marshall, who has just produced two murals on what I suppose can no longer be fairly called our Lewitt walls. The paintings were realized in collaboration with Precita Mural Eyes Center; for those of you not local to the Bay, Precita E... More