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Wayne Koestenbaum at SFAI

04.20.2012  |  By
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On Wednesday, April 11th, Wayne Koestenbaum spoke at the San Francisco Art Institute as part of the Visiting Artists and Scholars lecture series curated by Glen Helfand. That afternoon, on the other side of the city, and with one eye on the clock, Kevin Killian visited my Fundamentals of Creative Reading class at San Francisco State. To transmit th... More

A Muted Trumpeter Swan

08.24.2009  |  By
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I went down to the Artists Shop at Right Window on Friday evening and bought two pictures by San Francisco painter Scott Hewicker. He is one of my favorites and oh! So cheap! The artists’ shop is a project of the video artist Karla Milosevich and runs this weekend and next down at 992 Valencia Street. Lots and lots of artists, everything very reasonable, and 100 per cent of the $$$ goes to the artists themselves.

First I bought this little piece which I call, “Red Sun.”

Then I fought off several other would-be buyers to lay my hands on this great picture (below). Can you see it or can you not see it? It is like that old etching of Vanity looking into her mirror and canny viewers see a big skull, Or like that old optical illusion Wittgenstein wrote about where it looks like a duck and it looks like a rabbit.  Well, look again, and you will see two black cats aping the viewer’s gaze and staring, like yourself, into the severely luscious weather conditions only Hewicker knows ho... More

Collection Rotation: Karla Milosevich

08.14.2008  |  By
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[Our regular feature, “Collection Rotation“. Each month or so I invite a local guest to organize lists, groupings, or ‘exhibitions’ from our permanent collection. This is our second installment, devised by artist & curator Karla Milosevich, who includes notes about her selections along the way. Thanks Karla!]


When invited to put together a group from the collection, I thought of what a neighborhood florist once said, “Everything matches.” And the c... More