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(Re)Brand USA: Karen Fiss

11.19.2012  |  By
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To wrap up the “(Re)Brand USA” series, a meditation on nation-branding by guest contributor Karen Fiss. (All previous entries can be found here.)

Though thankful to be writing in the wake of an Obama victory, I’m going to take as a departure point for my reflections on the practice of nation-branding Jeremy Mende’s imagined outcome of a Republican triumph. Envisioning the need for a “sweeping public relations campaign” in 2014 after an ensuing foreign policy quagmire, Mende’s project depicts the official installation of a ... More

(Re)Brand USA

10.03.2012  |  By
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The 21st century has greatly expanded what used to be just a cruel way to identify one’s cattle or an extremely questionable fraternity hazing ritual into the lingua franca of the communication design business. Fortune 500 companies, sports teams, charity foundations, Kim Kardashian, your mom. They’re all brands now. One smart phone cou... More

Karen Fiss on Ana Mendieta

02.06.2012  |  By
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Karen Fiss

Though I first encountered Ana Mendieta and Francesca Woodman when I was barely 20, few artists since have made as strong an emotional and physical impact on me. I suppose one could write this off as the romantic over-identification of a young woman wrapped up in her own artistic attempts to express a female voice that would resist silencing. Their deaths bracketed my college years — Woodman committed suicide the year I started at Brown, while Mendieta died in a fall from a window (pushed, as I and many others believe, by her husb... More