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Visitor Flickr Photo of the Week

02.05.2010  |  By
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Here at the Open Space, we are huge fans of a site called Jumping in Art Museums. So when we saw Malia Campbell‘s set of images in front of Ellsworth Kelly’s Stele I on the SFMOMA Rooftop Garden, we were super excited.

Malia says:

The subject in the photo is my boyfriend, Scott Hargis. He lives in Oakland and I live in Seattle. Whenev... More

On Letting Them Do It Themselves: Activated Anarchy vs. Designed Intentions

01.27.2009  |  By
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Bay Area artist Stephanie Syjuco weighs in here on the successes and pitfalls of ‘participatory’ art, and takes a close look at New York design firm Freecell‘s Stack-to-Fold project, currently in use in our second-floor “D-space“.

“(T)hese objects, once they are assembled, will lend themselves to certain function... More