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Reframing Conservation

11.30.2009  |  By
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In the first in an occasional series of posts focused on issues of conservation, managing editor of communications Apollonia Morrill talks with director of conservation and collections Jill Sterrett, about an installation by Barry McGee, and the ways the field of  conservation evolves to meet the demands of new artwork.

As a student of art history, I was always fascinated by the field of conservation. I started out studying medieval art; of those who work in with this material, conservators seemed most linked to its inner life and its makers. ... More

One on One: Jill Sterrett on Robert Rauschenberg

08.19.2009  |  By
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[Alongside our weekly in-gallery curator “One on One” talks, we post regular ‘one on one’ bits from curators & staff on a particular work or exhibition they’re interested in. Follow the series here. Today’s post is actually a little bit two-on-one: Jill Sterrett, SFMOMA director of conservation and collections, &... More