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Is Photography Over Finally Over?

04.30.2010  |  By
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[Not quite. Joshua Chuang sends some final notes on last week’s symposium. Other posts and more information on “Is Photography Over?” can be found here.]


In addressing the role of museums and curators as narrative-makers, Corey Keller noted that she and her colleagues try their best to “complicate” what might otherwise be an overly tidy story of photography’s history. This sense of necessary untidiness, alluded to by my fellow reporters, also characterized the symposium’s discourse in ways that alternately helped to identify critical issues and undermine the coherence of a given dialogue. Nevertheless, as Dominic Willsdon observed in concluding the event, there were “these moments, these flashes, when suddenly something quite urgent and important [would appear],” only to dip beneath the surface again.

A great deal of this urgency came from the audience, whose astute comments and pointed questions stirred the panelists to react. To keep them from rec... More

Is Photography Over? Friday afternoon session reports

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This week SFMOMA hosted a major symposium on the current state of the field of photography, with two intensive panel discussions Thursday evening and Friday afternoon. Yesterday’s reports are here. The initial texts from the symposium participants are here. Other blog posts addressing the question “Is Photography Over?” can be fou... More

Is Photography Over? Day One Report, Addendum

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[Joshua Chuang sends this brief addendum to this morning’s report.]

Apropos of the symposium’s first day, here is an excerpt from an afterword that John Szarkowski penned for a 1998 reprint of Lee Friedlander’s classic first book, Self-Portrait. Friedlander, by the way, was also in the audience last night.

“I once happened to attend a conference, designed to wring from photography its deepest secrets, and later to publish them in five (I think) languages, not including, of course, the language of photography, which is too difficult, ambivalent, ambiguous, or mysterious to be broken to pull in harness with languages that have dictionaries and grammars. In spite of the apparent hopelessness of the problem, the conference was attended by critics, aestheticians, other philosophers, social scientists of various specialties, prophets, and politicians, most of whom seemed dedicated to the proposition that the group might, if it put its common shoulder to the wheel, determine w... More

Is Photography Over? Thursday Evening Event Reports

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This week SFMOMA is hosting a major symposium on the current state of the field of photography, with events last night and this afternoon. Today’s reports on last evening’s discussion are from Joshua Chuang, Assistant Curator of Photographs at the Yale University Art Museum, and Sarah Miller & Brendan Fay, both postdoctoral fellows,... More