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Collection Rotation: Lacey Haslam

05.18.2015  |  By
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The search function is the pinnacle of any networked system, an access point that has evolved from an aspect of internal networks into being synonymous with the almighty search engine. In the ’80s, a time when our internal networks were flawed by unstructured information management, Thomas D. Wilson began studying behaviors related to seeking inf... More

Rhyme & Reason: Jude Gabbard y Muñoz responds to the Collection (Part 2)

03.24.2011  |  By
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I don’t drink coffee, so let’s have a beer … My posts are always collaborations and are presented in two parts. Part 1 is a summary of a shared experience with my collaborator(s). Part 2 is a response, often in the form of a project created specifically for this blog.

A few weeks ago I sat down with my good friend, local fashion designer Jude Gabbard. We had a great conversation that ended with a promise to do a collaborative project engaging SFMOMA’s collection. The first step was for me to choose five works from the co... More