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Objects Sublimated to Things

04.15.2015  |  By

The Thing, founded and run by artists Jonn Herschend and Will Rogan, is “is a periodical in the form of an object. It’s like a magazine, except that each issue is conceived of by a different contributor and then published on a useful object.” Four times per year, subscribers receive an iteration of the journal. Over the years those object... More

Diary of a Crazy Artist: Crazy for You

03.09.2012  |  By
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Chris Burden, arranging for his friend to shoot him in the arm in 1971, then calling it art. Then arranging to be crucified on a Volkswagen, getting long steel nails hammered through his palms, again, for art.

Robert Capa, after surviving the D-Day landing at Normandy, went on to co-found Magnum with Henri Cartier Bresson only to step on a landmine... More


01.09.2012  |  By
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Before making this artwork, which itself was originally a text piece for a wall, John Baldessari had the epiphany that his art was horrible, or that he had not been making what he wanted to be making. So after 13 years living a lie as a painter — he was fed up at not getting anywhere with his work — he did what any self-respecting artist shoul... More

5 Questions: Chris Johanson

08.20.2010  |  By
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[Five questions to SFMOMA artists, staff, or guests. Multimedia artist Chris Johanson sat down with me for 5 questions while listening to  members of the band the 17th and Capps rehearsing in the next room.  They were all in town for the museum’s Now Playing event in June. Many will know Chris as a San Francisco Mission School artist.  He ... More

A Less Shadowed Place

07.10.2010  |  By
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Dodie Bellamy and I had only a few hours to see what seemed beforehand to be an impossible number of shows in Los Angeles. First off we drove to the far side of Culver City to LAXART on La Cienega, where our San Francisco friend Colter Jacobsen was having his first solo show in Los Angeles (Searchin’ Vs Buildin’, through June 26). The show draws from different bodies of Colter’s work, stretching way back to the very first drawings of his I remember seeing, the “Woods in the Watchers” pictures he showed on one wall ... More