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Palimpsest 7

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“Palimpsest i.e. a parchment from which one writing has been erased to make room for another.” H.D.

Speaking of rhyming and dreaming,

“That one image may recall another, finding depth in the resounding, is the secret of rhyme and measure. The time of the poem is felt as a recognition of return in vowel tone and consonant formations, of pattern in the sequence of syllables, in stress and in pitch of a melody, of images and meanings. It resembles the time of a dream, for it is highly organized along lines of association and impulses of contrast toward the structure of the whole. The impulse of dream or poem is to provide a ground for some form beyond what we know, for feeling ‘greater than reality’.”

Robert Duncan, The HD Book, p.99


Hardcore: Paul Schrader in the 70′s – 4

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This is pt. 4 and the conclusion of my contemplation of a theme drawn from Elliot Lavine’s typically-inspired grab-bag film series NOT NECESSARILY NOIR (sadly, now concluded), at the Roxie Theater (Click on highlighted sections for trailers, etc. Click here for pt.3, the previous entry in this series):

Meditating on Schrader and his work over... More