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Lebbeus Woods, Architect

04.04.2013  |  By
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Lebbeus Woods, Architect is on view at SFMOMA til June 2, and we’ll be featuring regular posts reflecting on Woods’s work and legacy throughout the run of the exhibition. Our inaugural post is from SFMOMA’s assistant curator of architecture and design Joseph Becker.

Experimental architecture has long been a focus of the Architecture and ... More


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Joseph Becker

Can there be architecture without buildings? What if a wall or a floor went on forever? The works in our current show, Field Conditions, pose these questions and more about the construction, experience, and representation of space. In an attempt to expand our general interpretation of architectural ideas, its focus is on an array of p... More

One on One: Joseph Becker on Otl Aicher

05.05.2009  |  By
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[Alongside our new curator “One on One” talks, we’re doing regular ‘one on one’ blog posts, from curators, staff, and public, on a particular work or exhibition they’re interested in. Today’s post is from Joseph Becker, assistant curator of architecture and design.]

A preeminent figure in graphic design history, Otl Aicher’s identity for the 1972 Munich Olympics remains a seminal project on which much of contemporary identity and branding design has been based. On view in SFMOMA’s Architecture and Design gallery is a ... More