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Michael McClure on Jay DeFeo’s The Rose

01.09.2013  |  By
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Come see The Rose in person — Jay DeFeo: A Retrospective, closes Feb. 3.


Kevin Killian’s Wet Paint

11.16.2012  |  By
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We had such a tremendously fun time last week before, during, and after the Poets’ Theater performance of Kevin Killian‘s Wet Paint, I thought, Why not share THE SCRIPT with you all? and Kevin graciously agreed. Download it here.

From the evening’s program:

Wet Paint was commissioned by Bill Berkson at the San Francisco Art Instit... More

TONIGHT: Kevin Killian and Poets’ Theater Present WET PAINT

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THEY INVENTED A NEW KIND OF ART … AND A NEW KIND OF SEX TO GO WITH IT! What do Jay DeFeo, Janis Joplin, Diego Rivera, and a trio of Hungarian refugees have in common?  It’s not quite clear! Join us in the Wattis Theater *tonight* to find out, in a one-night-only performance of super sparkling star Kevin Killian’s Wet Paint — the story of Jay DeFeo and San Francisco’s bohemian underground, with a superb cast of artists, poets, filmmakers, musicians, critics, and other San Francisco luminaries, playing in tribute to th... More