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A curator’s day: part two

04.13.2010  |  By
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This is part two of this post. This is last week’s post. Google told me to turn right, and that the artist’s street would be on the left. It wasn’t. Nor was it the next block or the next. Once again, time was running out (I have a compulsive hatred of being late) and I had no idea where I was. Google, fool me twice shame on me!  I went in the other direction but realized the street name changed, so that was clearly wrong; I stopped at the corner traffic light and realized I was in the middle of a complex intersection with cars weaving to get around me, driving straining to get a glimpse of the fool parked in the middle of the busiest street in Sacramento. Raining. Lost. I called Ogden and he gave me the proper directions and said he’d look out for me. I got to his house and was let in by his gracious wife, who explained that he was somewhere out in the rain  looking for me. He showed up after about ten minutes, during which time I got to see his large, lovely ... More

A curator’s day

04.06.2010  |  By
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On Friday morning I had two appointments–at 10 a.m. and 11:30 a.m.–to visit the studios of  painters in Sacramento. I left home in Oakland for the 90 minute drive in a steady but light rain. The night before I had googled the directions for both places as I’m still learning the Sacramento sprawl, and noted down the phone numbers of both artists just in case. I even have gotten so cautious about this kind of thing that I remembered to google directions from the first studio to the second one, and then back to the freeway for the trip to UC Davis, where my office is.

Google sent me to Carmichael, on the far side of Sacramento; the street was one block long and the numbers were 4400, but Google insisted that my 3300 address would be there. It had never let me down so horrendously, so stupidly. I congratulated myself for noting down the artist’s phone number but when I called, the man who answered said it was the wrong number. As my heart sank–remember itR... More