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On the Contemporary: Frances Richard, “A Few Names”

09.23.2013  |  By
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This fall, OPEN SPACE will feature a series of reflections by artists, writers, and curators on “the contemporary.” Today’s piece is by San Francisco writer and teacher Frances Richard.

I went for a walk a few weeks ago with the poet Brenda Hillman, and we talked about names, naming, responsibility. In short, about contemporaneity... More

Why I won’t celebrate Futurism’s anniversary

08.12.2009  |  By
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This October Performa 09 and SFMOMA will mark the centennial of the publication of Filippo Tommaso Marinetti’s Futurist Manifesto, in many ways a defining document of a certain sort of modernism, with a number of different events: some critical, others celebratory.

Much as I’d like to see the re-created Luigi Russolo noisemakers, I won&... More