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Zina Al-Shukri: A Portrait

05.27.2012  |  By
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When our pictures are taken we want to look good. And when we don’t look good, we cringe. I’m thinking of the ubiquitous profile pic on Facebook where the camera is set extremely high and pointing downwards so the person’s eyes look huge, their face thin and elongated with a pointy chin, no problematic neck; if shoulders appear, they’re teeny, like a cartoon character’s. People post such distortions because they want to look good.  And last February, when I sat on Zina Al-Shukri’s couch in her Dogpatch studio as she painted my port... More

Positive Signs #23 & 24

05.25.2011  |  By
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Positive Signs is a weekly series of interpretive diagrams, quotes, and speculations on creativity, optimism*, and the lives of artists, published every Wednesday through June.

*Notwithstanding brief forays into the nature of space, stuff, experience, and cognition.

Next Wednesday: Positive Signs #25, 26, & 27 on experiential perspectives.
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