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Collection Rotation: Kirk Stoller

04.13.2015  |  By
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For my installment of Open Space’s Collection Rotation, I’ve selected works that visually inhabit the narrow corridor that is the boundary between cohesion and collapse. It is the hidden stability of these works — a certain veiled resistance to failure — that I gravitate towards.


Five Questions: Timothy Buckwalter

11.20.2009  |  By
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[Five questions to SFMOMA visitors, artists, staff, or guests. Here's Timothy Buckwalter in the Koret Visitor Education Center.]

Name/Place of residence/Occupation/Hobby?

My name is Timothy Buckwalter. I live in Albany, California. I’m an artist and I’ve recently started curating and I also write about art. I have a blog about art. If I had... More

Now up on the second floor landing

04.01.2009  |  By
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Frank Stella’s Khurasan Gate:

And here’s the whole thing(nearly 24 feet long):