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Farewell, Franz Biberkopf, our extraordinary ordinary man

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And so at last we bid our beloved friend Franz Biberkopf goodbye. It’s been a long but wonderful month watching, thinking, and talking together with everyone about all things Berlin A & RWF. Farewell Mieze, farewell Lina, farewell Franzë, Cilly, Ida, Pums, Meck—look, even in a blogpost I’m loathe to wish “fare well” to those awful villains Rheinhold & Luders!—

Dominic & I both want to thank all of our round-table-ees: Brandon, Cynthia, Julian, & Stephen, as well as Brecht our projectionist, Dana Ward our Cincinnati correspondent, and everyone else who’s been along with us in the theater on Thursdays and Saturdays, and in the comment boxes all along the way.

It seems kind of sweetly fitting to close with this last post in from Dana Ward, who didn’t quite make the summit with us:


“…What a shame for me that just as I had calibrated the pace of my reading with the bundles of your viewing, I w... More

Berlin Alexanderplatz: Epilogue: Redux:

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[Another illuminating post from Brecht Andersch, our projectionist and Berlin Alexanderplatz expert-in-residence, as we wind our way down:]

Hanna Schygulla has said that Fassbinder told her he identified profoundly with all three main characters of Alexanderplatz; “I am Biberkopf, Reinhold, and even Mieze, too.” He had discovered the novel at the age of fourteen, and it served as a mirror to this budding genius, reflecting back the splits within his own psyche. He used his experiences as petri-dish experiments in order to acquire both self-knowledge and an understanding of his world, and his findings became increasingly disturbing: humans, through their own natural needs – love, security, self-protection, etc. – were, consequent to their acquiescence to the powerful, or to the power of the collective, the source of their own oppression. The only answer lay in further, deeper self-knowledge – but how to achieve this in a nation of “StupidheadsR... More

Berlin Alexanderplatz., to be con’t

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For everyone looking for the Berlin Alexanderplatz support/discussion group posts, you can catch up with us by following the tag Mount-Everest-of-modern-cinema. We’ll post the next support-group installment sometime on Saturday.


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Friends, it’s one giant kaleidescopic Döblin/Fassbinder mountain. We’re still cooling our hamstrings before writing onto the blog. If you’re planning to attend the Saturday screening, a word to the wise and therefore comfortable: snacks and coffee. (which you can’t of course bring in to the theater). And, you’re in for a real treat.

On Thursday I’ll bring out the trail mix.


B.A. Prelim

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We did have a round of Berlin Alexanderplatz screening and post-screening drinking and talking last night, and it was fun! I’m a little bit hoping we’ll hijack the SFMOMA blog for a JUNE ALEXANDERPLATZ extravaganza all month long, but of course there’s this whole FRIDA KAHLO thing happening you might want to hear something about along the way… Meanwhile: In a few hours we’ll have our roundtable up and started, everyone’s still waking up and thinking up all the smart things they want to think up about it.

I’ll say here just for a moment though a couple of the things I DID NOT EXPECT to see last night, but that I got! I didn’t expect the MELODRAMA; I didn’t quite expect the miniseries to feel just so much like a miniseries, with hourly cliffhangers and what looked to me a lot like televisual staging; I wasn’t expecting all that SEX (why not I have no idea); and I was expecting so MUCH MORE VIOLENCE. Which is not to say those las... More

Berlin Alexanderplatz starts TONIGHT

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Dear All,

Dominic & Brandon & I are hoping you’ll join us for the Berlin Alexanderplatz support group we’ve worked up for the month of June (see post just below). On Friday afternoons we’ll post in round-table-like discussions, together with a few others, of what we’re thinking and observing as we’re watching.

If you’re interested in a little more background reading, Dominic posted an interesting link in the comment box the other day, I repost it here. There’s a comprehensive analysis not only of Fassbinder’s film, but also on the novel the film was based on, Berlin Alexanderplatz: The Story of Franz Biberkopf; a bit on the life and personality of the author, Alfred Döblin; AND a review of Klaus Biesenbach’s recently released book, Rainer Werner Fassbinder: Berlin Alexanderplatz. And More! (Including the occasional odd but engaging digression, for example a paragraph on 19th c. gay author and naturalist “genius”... More

“The Punishment Begins”

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But some of us have strange pleasures—how about fifteen and half hours of Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s legendary BERLIN ALEXANDERPLATZ?

Beginning this Thursday and continuing each week the month of June, we’re showing (in collaboration with the PFA & the Goethe Institut-SF) the West Coast premiere of the remastered, brand-new 35mm version of Fassbinder’s retelling of Alfred Döblin’s 1929 novel: optimistic but explosive criminal Franz Biberkopf leaves a prison stint with a hope for making the straight life, and w... More