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SLOW ART REDUX: Emily Jain Wilson

05.24.2013  |  By
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“We’ll look at five works for ten minutes each,” I said after my group assembled in the Koret Visitor Education Center for SFMOMA’s version of Slow Art Day. “Please don’t read the placards. I prefer you not take notes. The works’ identity won’t be revealed until the follow-up discussion here in the ce... More

SFMOMA **s l o w** – Can you do it?

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Can you look at a single work of art for ten minutes? Straight?

In collaboration with international grass-roots organization Slow Art Day, SFMOMA and Open Space have a challenge for you: devote ten uninterrupted minutes to looking at a single work of art slowly.

On Saturday, April 27th, museums and galleries all over the world are participating in the event, and we are too: Open Space regulars Tess Thackara and Duane Deterville, and writer and artist Emily Wilson, will each host a round of slow-looking in the galleries — three to five works o... More

Emily Jain Wilson on Piet Mondrian

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Emily Jain Wilson

For a long time I went to SFMOMA just for Pollock. First, in a Danville school bus helmed by my rock ’n’ rollin’ high school creative writing teacher; later, BARTing in from Berkeley just to stick my nose in the lower left hand corner of Guardians of the Secret. “Jackson,” I’d ask the painting, “how did you do that? I wanna do that!” Still fascinated with the means of production, I now mostly beeline for Mondrian’s Composition with Red, Yellow, and Blue, 1935–42.

I kind of can’t believe it. Mondrian? Ya k... More


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Few years back, curator Margaret Tedesco named a show she organized at Queens Nails Annex “OverUnderSidewaysDown,” after the old Yardbirds hit, and this time around at her own gallery she dips back into those spooky psychedelic 60s days with “Andmoreagain,” the current show at [2nd floor projects], the unique space she has carved out of her own apartment to show new work. Do you know Arthur Lee, Bryan Maclean, the band called Love that, like Tedesco, stepped out of the bubbling pop stew of LA? “Andmoreagain” is the third track on their third album, Forever Changes, and it’s the ultimate song about the succubus or sociopath, “Andmoreagain,” a supernatural creature who manges to get you to fall in love with you by mimicking your human responses. “You can see you in her eyes/ Then you feel your heart beating/ [Pause]/ Thrum-pum-pum-pum.”

Tedesco’s tiny apartment gets cleared out every time she thinks of a show, the furniture from one sunny room and most of a hallw... More