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A Short Reflection on Slow Art Day

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On Saturday, April 27, for SFMOMA’s Slow Art Day, I led a small but insightful group of viewers through the permanent collection, including parts of the Logan Collection that are currently on display in a show titled Don’t Be Shy, Don’t Hold Back. I’m an experienced art viewer, but the method of slowly looking in silence revealed things that surprised even me.

The premise for the day was to experience five pieces of art in uninterrupted silence for ten minutes apiece. However, I slightly augmented our proposed requirements by having our... More

Giving Full Attention to a Film without Pictures

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Duane Deterville is one of our three art-and-conversation hosts for SLOW ART DAY, April 27.

I oftentimes look at artwork that seems to evoke a sound. Music, dialogue, or other implied sounds. A few pieces that I’ve viewed at SFMOMA over the last few years that play sounds in my head are David Hammons’s Basketball Drawing, James Weeks’s Two Musicians, and Raymond Saunders’s piece titled Bird/Charlie Parker. Bouncing a basketball on the street and subsequently bouncing the same basketball on a large sheet of paper was t... More

SFMOMA **s l o w** – Can you do it?

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Can you look at a single work of art for ten minutes? Straight?

In collaboration with international grass-roots organization Slow Art Day, SFMOMA and Open Space have a challenge for you: devote ten uninterrupted minutes to looking at a single work of art slowly.

On Saturday, April 27th, museums and galleries all over the world are participating in the event, and we are too: Open Space regulars Tess Thackara and Duane Deterville, and writer and artist Emily Wilson, will each host a round of slow-looking in the galleries — three to five works o... More

Kahlil Joseph’s “Until the Quiet Comes”: The Afriscape Ghost Dance on Film (part II)

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This is part two of a two-part essay on “Until the Quiet Comes”- a film by Kahlil Joseph that recently won the Sundance Film Festival’s Short Film Special Jury Award. Part one of the essay covered the film’s opening sequences and their relationship to African cosmology. This concluding part of the essay focuses on what I perceiv... More

Kahlil Joseph’s “Until the Quiet Comes”: The Afriscape Ghost Dance on Film

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I’m still looking at Kahlil Joseph’s film “Until the Quiet Comes.” Released in September of 2012 and more recently the 2013 recipient of the Sundance Film Festival’s Short Film Special Jury Award – it is presently my favorite piece of art. The consensus of opinion amongst my peer group is that Joseph’s short film is pure genius.... More

Palimpsest 8

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“Palimpsest, i.e., a parchment from which one writing has been erased to make room for another.” H.D.

“The practice of painting is much more a habit, rather than being something exquisite.”

Luc Tuymans


blank spots and

areas of color

where details are erased, left out—

particular areas of bold, deep color, [Orchid]

more quiet faded-looking color

or grays and

black but areas are filled

up with color

salient is the

puzzle-like quality


of photographs,

drawings, translated

from reality

from somewhere else?

laterality, aqua or

cerulean, ultramarine

or navy

roses in a yellow sky

like a hangover from

witless seeing

darklit sun

from the awareness

of windows

areas like objects


75 Reasons to Live: Duane Deterville on Picasso

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Duane Deterville is an artist and writer (and Open Space blogging alumni). He’s talking here about Picasso‘s 1907 Tête de trois quarts (Head in Three-Quarter View). Welcome back, Duane!

Remember the end of Manhattan, when Woody Allen asks himself what makes life worth living? Last January, during SFMOMA’s three day 75th anniver... More

Please Welcome! Our new columnists on Open Space:

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An official first welcome to our fantastic new crew of columnist-bloggers, who are already well underway this week with the posting, and for which I thank them. Your fall hosts on Open Space are:

MICHELLE TEA!, writer, poet, and founder of RADAR Productions, a literary non-profit; DUANE DETERVILLE!,  artist, writer and cofounder of the Sankofa Cultural Institute; the visual artist STEPHANIE SYJUCO!;   JOSEPH DEL PESCO!, independent curator, art journalist and web-media producer; and the poet CEDAR SIGO!

I a little overdo it with the all-caps... More