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Collection Rotation: Anne Bast Davis

10.29.2012  |  By
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Our regular feature Collection Rotation. Each month someone special organizes a mini “exhibition” from our collection works online. Today, please welcome SFMOMA’s Anne Bast Davis.

Orphans in the Museum

Once, in my past position as intellectual property associate at SFMOMA, I received a request from a writer who wanted to reproduce a work by Tina Modotti, the Italian-born photographer-turned-communist-revolutionary who worked closely with Edward Weston (and whose photographs of Mexico were featured in a recent SFMOMA exhibition... More

(Almost) Free Video: Art21 and Remix Manifesto

11.12.2009  |  By
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I heard an anecdote somewhere that the three words in the English language that evoke the most visceral response are “free,” “sex,” and “sale.” I’m not exactly sure if there’s a particular order to which is more popular, and it’s funny to think how someone could come up with a good marketing slo... More