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Currents Within a Collection: Agnes E. Meyer

05.23.2013  |  By
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The Elise S. Haas Bequest: Modern Art from Matisse to Marini is on view at SFMOMA till June 2. Open Space is pleased to host a series of posts highlighting Mrs. Haas’s network of personal connections from SFMOMA Assistant Curator of Painting and Sculpture Caitlin Haskell and featuring graphics by designer Adam Machacek.

Agnes E. Meyer diagram by... More

A Short Reflection on Slow Art Day

05.10.2013  |  By
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On Saturday, April 27, for SFMOMA’s Slow Art Day, I led a small but insightful group of viewers through the permanent collection, including parts of the Logan Collection that are currently on display in a show titled Don’t Be Shy, Don’t Hold Back. I’m an experienced art viewer, but the method of slowly looking in silence revealed things that surprised even me.

The premise for the day was to experience five pieces of art in uninterrupted silence for ten minutes apiece. However, I slightly augmented our proposed requirements by having our... More

Visitor Flickr Photo(s) of the Week

07.09.2010  |  By
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Constantin Brancusi’s La Négresse blonde (The Blond Negress) – can you guess my favorite part of this series?

Each image links to the original on Flickr.  We have many to thank (from the top then right): Carmen aka Boxercab, Design.Her aka Maggie, Fragmentary Evidence aka David Colburn, Drekne aka Andreas Knecht, Torontofoto aka David B., Thom Watson, JLTP aka Jodi Lynn Trautman-Phelps, Wordster 1028 aka Gregory Schultz and Rocor aka Rob.

Anonymity no more! I love how the photographers are captured in the reflections.

W... More