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$1000 Travel Grant For A Bay Area Artist

04.08.2010  |  By
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I’ve been thinking about Renny Pritikin’s post from February about artists leaving (or not), in relation to the inadequate travel funding available to artists in the US. Unlike most first-world countries we don’t have a cultural agency at the state or federal level that funds artists’ travel. I have an untested theory that if Bay Area artists had support for mobility that they would be more likely to stay. While the last sentence may sound counter-intuitive, I think one reason artists leave is the relative isolation of the Bay Area in relation to the art centers. More to the point, It appears that most of the artists who have stayed are those who have been able to develop projects and find exhibition opportunities outside of the Bay Area.

In 2007, as part of the Collective Foundation exhibition at YBCA, I produced three alternative approaches to grant-making that didn’t involve non-profit fundraising nor selling artworks. This third option involved identif... More