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A Faraway Place

11.26.2012  |  By
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I’d barely registered the Highlight Gallery on the first block of Kearny, right where I used to go for Cigarettes for Less, in the halcyon days when I needed that store so badly. Right now Highlight is blossoming between the Discount Camera place and a Japanese toy store called something like “Angelic and Pretty.” It’s the last plac... More

Paul Madonna, fancy clocks + the Chelsea Hotel

12.13.2009  |  By
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1. The Believer had a party for their current Art Issue last week at Electric Works Gallery, where the Paul Madonna show Album 01: In What Era Will You Get Stuck is currently up, and I liked it a lot. The artist has a lot of pieces featuring those nubby rubber monsters you put on top of your pencils in middle school (or now), with the waggling arms, and lots of text in his work (which I love) expressing career and other popular life anxieties. The title piece dooms the viewer to a sort of style/fashion/general relevance anxiety; the question of w... More