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Power Equals Secret Pockets

05.11.2015  |  By

In Conversation: Aaron Gach of Center for Tactical Magic

Center for Tactical Magic is an international activist art collective that challenges existing power structures. unexpected projects sat down with CTM’s founder, Aaron Gach, in a coffeehouse in Albany, CA to talk about past and present projects.


League of F.A.M.E.© — Week 2 Category Draw

10.07.2013  |  By
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Week 2 of the League of F.A.M.E is upon us! The video link below reveals the category that will be used for scoring.

Stay tuned tomorrow when we will show you each team’s starting roster, including any moves they made for this week (#hashtag week).

Note: each # is counted as one per source URL. The winner of the week will receive 45 points... More

League of F.A.M.E. Draft Recap

10.02.2013  |  By
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The League of F.A.M.E. draft night was a big hit! There were controversial picks resulting in league-wide votes. There were cheers, there were jeers, and plenty of beers. It all started with the owners choosing their team names. And without further adieu here they are in the order of their draft position:

Conrad M. Meyers II (Aggregate Space) ̵... More

Art School Confidential 2: The MFA Show

05.11.2011  |  By
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Spring, at art school, isn’t exactly about sunny days and waiting for the first heirloom tomatoes to show up at farmers’ market. It’s a frantic season of creative pushes, buffing edges, and occasional artistic breakthroughs. More often, it’s a season of anxiety levels spiking along with pollen counts. I’m in deep — thesis advising,... More

Your Student Loans Are Totally Killing You, Dude

03.23.2011  |  By
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Go to art shows in San Francisco and you’ll hear people brag drunkenly about how much sex they’re having. You’ll hear all about who’s dating who, who cheated on who and so forth. But what you won’t hear is people bragging about how much money they’re making from their art. The ugly truth is that most artists in San Francisco carry an outrageous amount of student loan debt yet nobody wants to talk about it because, well, it’s unpleasant.

So people talk about other things instead – Sex. Parties. Drugs. Music. Shitty jobs. Survival. Art. Facebook. In fact there’s an endless amount of things to discuss and almost anything is more interesting than debt. Besides, in ... More

The Lanterns Along the Wall

10.31.2009  |  By
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When I paid a visit to “The Fountain Of Giant Teardrops,” Neil LeDoux’s solo show at Silverman Gallery last year, I had seen only a very rough reproduction of one of the paintings in a newspaper. Underneath it was a small story regarding the roots of these pieces.

“He recounted seeing a fountain in the thick Louisiana forests, the fountain’s beauty was so astonishing that he immediately wanted to share it with his friends and family but when he took them back to see it it was nowhere to be found.” This piqued... More

Designing for Ability at NIAD

06.24.2009  |  By
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Richmond’s National Institute of Art and Disabilities has a show on this month that bears consideration in the context of this week’s discussion about the Rural Studio. NIAD was founded at about the same time (and by many of the same people) as its better-known cousins, Creative Growth in Oakland and Creativity Explored in San Francisco. Situated in downtown Richmond, the East Bay’s forgotten city, NIAD serves a population of mentally and physically disabled artists with particularly acute material and therapeutic needs. Very much in the Rural Studio spirit, two recent graduates from CCA‘s MA Design program have applied their skills to the benefit of this disadvantaged community in their own backyard. Several key aspects of the Rural Studio project also apply here: approaching design as a philanthropic act, relying on inexpensive and readily available materials, and encouraging students to realize pragmatic projects within an academic context.

Collage Stamp – ... More

On Graduate Exhibitions

05.20.2009  |  By
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The end of the spring term at art schools is marked by multiple convocations – symposia, commencements, barbecues, brunches, kaffeeklatsches – none more charged and peculiar than the graduate exhibition. A vast amount of effort, skilled thought, time and energy is expended on these events, by students, faculty and event organizers. And yet the exhibitions are as a rule ambiguous: grand, chaotic marketplaces where uneven intentions, practices and audiences converge upon one another.

My photographs, I should say, are from a specific event, Sa... More