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Diary of a Crazy Artist a.k.a. That Weird Record Collector

10.08.2012  |  By

When I was living in San Francisco, it was hard to find really good used records. In New York however, they are all over the place and it seems the more I look, the more I find. So for the benefit of those who thought record collecting was dying out, I am here to say it’s not. In fact, a whole lot of great records can be bought for about $1.0... More

The Visual as a Quickening Sound Vibration: An Interview with Musician Oluyemi Thomas, Part II

08.05.2012  |  By
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Originally from the musically rich Motor City, Detroit, Michigan, musician/composer/multi-instrumentalist Oluyemi Thomas has been a Bay Area resident since 1974. He studied both music and mechanical engineering at Washtenaw College. Thomas creates ordered compositional free music that he acknowledges as part of — but not limited to — what is cal... More

Van Gogh’s Blues People

09.17.2009  |  By
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What is the canonized art piece that most occupies your imagination and how do you re-interpret its meaning in your own personal way?