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A 747 crashes due to rough weather conditions northwest of Washington, D.C., killing all 92 people on board.

A bomb in the cargo hold of a TWA flight leaving Athens explodes 18 minutes after takeoff and sends the plane crashing into the Ionian Sea; 88 people die.

All 346 people aboard a DC-10 bound for London perish when the flight crash-lands in a woods north of Paris. The destruction is so severe that only 40 of the bodies are identifiable. Turkish families on vacation, English rugby players, British fashion models, Japanese management traine... More

Poetic Politic: Reflections in Berlin

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Part 1 of a conversation between Vietnam-based curator and Sàn Art Director Zoe Butt and art historian and writer Moira Roth.

Vandy Rattana, Bomb Ponds, 2009

Moira Roth, email; Saturday, September 21, 2012; Berkeley, California

After the pleasure of spending time with you recently in the Bay Area, while you were visiting here, I love it that we ... More

Descriptive Acts, Part Three

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In Tris Vonna-Michell’s GTO: hahn/huhn, variation 1, viewers are invited to pore through various media that resemble the documentary evidence of a Cold War–era detective story. Slides of hazy black-and-white images — buildings, shapes, scenery — and typed sentences appear in rotation on an old slideshow screen. Pin boards exhibit photocopied... More

Pride honors that can’t be accepted

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I’m just so f’ing proud to be part of a community that Judith Butler is part of. And I’m really proud and happy that Butler decided to refuse to accept the Civil Courage Prize at Berlin’s Christopher Street Day celebration, and gave an emphatic and eloquent speech explaining why. Christopher Street Day is a European LGBTQ Pride event that happens in various cities throughout Europe. Butler’s objections were based on the commercialization of the event, but more importantly, on problems with racist discrimination faced especially by immigrant LGBT peoples. Here is part of Butler’s speech, and part of the organizers’ response to her.


Four Dialogues 2: On AAAARG

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In May, Joseph Del Pesco and I posted a critical reading of the Art and Education Papers archive, which had then just been announced. In it, we contrasted that project with a site whose constitution we liked better, called AAAARG. AAAARG is many things, but is probably known best these days as a kind of digital library and radical public amenity, ... More