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“You can check out anytime you like, but you can never leave” – Hotel California

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When I moved away from San Francisco two years ago I thought I would go to New York, meet like-minded artists and find my place among the wide-eyed bohemians in the East Village. Among them, I thought, I would finally be able to work uninhibited and purely, immersed in a thriving, electric world of creative and brilliant people. In my fantasy every... More

“One almost feels like agreeing with Ginsberg’s Howl”

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A bit of a gloomy tale from the Archives for a sunny fall day in San Francisco:

Irving Norman, Armies, n.d., © Irving Norman Trust,Courtesy of Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, LLC, New York, NY

Painter Irving Norman‘s 1962 pleas to George Culler for a little validation and a one-man show (first ignored, then harshly denied) include a doleful reference to Allen Ginsberg‘s poem Howl.  Not coincidentally, for this blog post anyway, today marks the anniversary of Ginsberg’s legendary first reading of the poem, at the Six Gallery on F... More