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Art Work (Part 2)

02.16.2010  |  By
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Last month I posted a series of Mp3s with the idea of producing of an audio version of the “Art Work” newspaper, inviting readers of the blog to record their own oral recitation of one of the texts (see Some friends got in touch and a few made recordings. I’m posting three more here as a follow-up. I’ll also reiterate the invitation in greater detail below in the form of a mini how-to.

Download > This Is Our Real Job
by Temporary Services
(read by Alison Gerber)

Download > Personal Economy
by Anonymous
(read by Matthew Rana)

Download > Watch Where you Are Putting That Pencil
by Anthony Elms
(read by Patricia Maloney)



Art Work

01.15.2010  |  By
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In support of Temporary Services’ recent newspaper project Art Work: a national conversation about art, labor and economics,  I’ve created the beginnings of an “audio book” version, starting with one of my favorite texts in the publication. I then asked artist Sam Gould to record one of his choosing. You can download them both here. I’ll extend the invitation to anyone who might like to audio record a text from the newspaper, to be added to this post. You can download the newspaper in full here.

Download > Ar... More