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Diary of a Crazy Artist: Is Art School a Scam?

09.26.2012  |  By
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Hey, I’m only saying out loud what a lot of people are thinking, so don’t shoot the messenger, o.k.?

It’s been painful to see Art consistently ranking among the lowest paid and least marketable degrees in articles like this one on CNBC, this one on CBSthis one on the Huffingtonpost or this one on the job site So e... More

Sex Work Pays for Art School and Student Loans, She Said

08.05.2011  |  By
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When I was living in San Francisco I didn’t realize just how many guys went to prostitutes — not once in a while, but all the time. It was like no big deal to them. One person I worked with told me he just wasn’t a relationship kind of guy and said that he couldn’t stand all the nagging, all the complaining, and all the BS girlfriends would give him. Hookers, he told me, knew what their job was, did it, then left. No endless talking about problems, no criticism, just simple.

Well one day he and I and my other coworke... More

Art School Confidential

04.28.2011  |  By
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Spring, at art school, is an emotionally schizophrenic season. The weather tends to be glorious (and pollen-filled), as it was today, and campuses pulse with alternating currents of stress, anxiety, hope, exhaustion, and celebration as everyone lurches to the finish line. That was definitely the mix at SFAI this evening, when the campus was buzzing... More