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From Black Paintings to Social Practice

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Two public KAPSULS provide helpful context for upcoming exhibitions. They were also developed by two of the most active next-generation independent curators in the Bay Area: Christina Linden and David Kasprzak.

Will Brown‘s trio of Jordan Stein, Lindsey White, and David Kasprzak will open an exhibition on Saturday, March 17th, entitled A squ... More


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Last week I was called in for jury duty. Like most everyone who was instructed to report to the Civic Center courthouse that morning, I hoped to be ignored, or to find a way out of it with strong opinions. Alas, I was the second person to be called into the jury box for interrogation as potential juror. While I was screened by the defense attorney,... More

Collection Rotation: Megan Brian

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[This month’s Collection Rotation is from our very own Megan Brian, Education & Public Programs Coordinator and frequent Open Space contributor, albeit in the service of making other stars shine (Five Questions, Flickr pic of the week).  Rather than selecting a group of works from SFMOMA’s permanent collection, Megan turned to the ... More

“What isn’t a remix now?”

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Browsing on YouTube I click play and a video begins showing pretty hipster girls gazing longingly at the camera. They are dancing with boys with long hair and handsome beards, all of them bathed in the golden light of youth and optimism. The day is almost over and they are dancing their hearts out. In Dolores Park, on rooftops and in front of the Golden Gate Bridge, this is young San Francisco remaking shot for shot an homage to an homage, a copy of a copy. They really mean this and they really are this pretty.

This video is part of an intriguing phenomena of call and response video’s posted on YouTube in homage to the fan video, “the brat pack mash up” which was first posted in the spring of 2009.

The original video, composed of various edited scenes mostly taken from the movies of John Hughes,  ‘mashed up’ with the song, ‘Lisztomania’ by French pop group Phoenix  inspired a group of twenty something friends in Brooklyn to remake it shot for shot with their beautiful p... More

Happy Birthday, John Cage

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Composer, philospher, poet, artist John Cage was born on this day in 1912. This video was made last winter, during The Art of Participation exhibition, when we were treated to daily noontime performances (usually with staff performers) of Cage’s seminal work 4’33″. Thanks to Tammy Fortin as always for fantastic video gesture.

4’33″ (1952) is a composition of silence lasting four minutes and thirty-three seconds. Without instrumentation, the score highlights ambient sounds surrounding the performance: noises in the environment and those produced by the audience. Having decided there is no such thing as absolute silence, Cage chose to define it as the absence of intentional sound. In this he was influenced not only by avant-garde composition and Surrealism, but also by Eastern philosophy and Zen Buddhism. Indeterminacy, chance, and nonlinear progression became integral to the structure of his music. By scoring silence, Cage sought to open his listeners to di... More

One on One: Stephanie Pau on The 1000 Journals Project

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Alongside our new curator “One on One” talks, we’ll be doing occasional ‘one on one’ blog posts, from curators, staff, public, on a particular work or exhibition they’re interested in. Today’s post is from Stephanie Pau, our Manager of Interpretation:

I feel fortunate that at SFMOMA, educators (like myself... More

THE GIFT, Installed, Part 2

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I’m obsessed with the how and where people are installing their Gerz gift portraits, and the relationships they’re having with the portraits.

The outdoor installs are great (from funderbolt):

Some are naming theirs (“She looks like an Ashley to me”):

anna leah says:  I’ve had a blast with this experience. I especia... More


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A sweet little robot-love interlude during last Saturday’s MTAA performance AUTOMATIC FOR THE PEOPLE (We Solemnly Promise That No One Will Get Naked), while Uni and her Ukelele perform R.E.M.’s Nightswimming, above. Every element of the event was dictated by popular vote, including subtitle, duration, location, audience, costume, theme, props, etc.  As voted by the people, and to be interpreted by the artists, the performance was to take place in the freight elevator; be the exact length of R.E.M’s album Automatic for the People; include lawn chairs, potted plants, & robot costumes; and reference Marcel Duchamp, chat rooms, ukeleles & take-out food. Man, I love these guys. You wish you were here, for serious.  More pics, more video, here.


Jochen Gerz, THE GIFT, installed

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Jochen Gerz was here on Sunday handing out portraits to participants of THE GIFT, and now the portraits are making their way all over town and, one can hope, beyond. We’ve set up a Flickr group for all participants to upload pictures of where and how they’ve installed their “gifts”—do note that participants who sat to have their portrait taken were given not their own picture, but a picture of stranger to take home with them.

Here’s Heidi De Vries, out at the Headlands Sunday afternoon with hers:

Photo: Alek... More

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Hans Haacke’s News, on November 5th, 2008, when Art of Participation opened:

and on February 8th, 2009, when it closed:


Art of Participation: Closing Day

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Janis Joplin said it best: Get it while you can. AoP closes today.


Closing weekend of Art of Participation: Things to, um, Participate In

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Exhibit A: MTAA is going to do their you-voted-it-through performance AUTOMATIC FOR THE PEOPLE (We Solemnly Promise That No One Will Get Naked) tomorrow at high noon. Gather yourselves circa 11:45 a.m. in front of the freight elevator on the third floor, where the performance will take place. If you’re not familiar with MTAA, check out Karaok... More

John Cage: 4’33″: Daily

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David Bernstein, Head of Music and Professor of Music at Mills College, demonstrating 4’33″ for staff performers, back in early November. On the piano is the Irwin Kremen 4’33″ score in proportional notation, and behind the piano is Robert Rauschenberg’s White Painting (Three Panel).

[Throughout the run of the Art of ... More

ANT FARM: Media Van v.08 (Time Capsule) Sealing Ceremony

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Here are the guys from Ant Farm, at last night’s Media Van v.08 (Time Capsule) sealing ceremony, recording the video message to the future about the contents of the time capsule. A recap: Since November 5th when The Art of Participation opened, the Media Van’s HUQQUH (that green device with the steering wheel around it, and pronounced “Hookah”) has been capturing digital files chosen at random from museum visitors’ electronic devices (cameras, cell phones, iPods). Those captures are what’s being sealed up in the van (whole van sealed up) — to be accessed again only in 2030.

The men, left to right: Bruce Tomb, Curtis Schreier, Chip Lord [ANT FARM], plus Paul Rauschelbach, who did technical genius on the HUQQUH. (If I’ve got that correct.)

Part of the evening’s festivities also included THIS:

A signed one-page print-out, kind of broadside-style, showing a sequence of some of the four thousand one hundred and eighty-seven randomly ca... More

Erwin Wurm: The balance of desire

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Just one more One Minute Sculpture video, to take you to the weekend. All the rest, here.


Erwin Wurm: Keep a cool head

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Unsubstantiated office watercooler rumor has it that an especially exuberant visitor tried to fulfill Wurm’s “Keep a cool head” instructions to the letter of the law in ways that are, shall we say, incompatible with current museum policy. More One Minute Sculpture videos here.

And, tonight: The formal closing ceremony for Ant Farm... More

On Letting Them Do It Themselves: Activated Anarchy vs. Designed Intentions

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Bay Area artist Stephanie Syjuco weighs in here on the successes and pitfalls of ‘participatory’ art, and takes a close look at New York design firm Freecell‘s Stack-to-Fold project, currently in use in our second-floor “D-space“.

“(T)hese objects, once they are assembled, will lend themselves to certain function... More

Erwin Wurm: Sigmund Freud’s Dream

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Happy Monday! What did you dream about this weekend? Come down and try it yourself. More on Erwin Wurm & the One Minute Sculptures just below.

Tomorrow! Bay Area artist Stephanie Syjuco, on DIY cardboard furniture, and ‘participation’ in art museums…


Erwin Wurm: The trap of the truth

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As the Art of Participation exhibition winds down — or ramps up to wind down and close ( Feb. 8 ) — we’ll be posting up a series of text & video of various kinds of interaction, examination, and reflection on the participatory experience at SFMOMA. Following on from last week’s investigation of How Do You Participate with an Ant Farm Media Van, we also did a set of test-cases with Erwin Wurm’s One Minute Sculptures. These sculptures present a series of objects on a platform, with text instructions and picture d... More

ANT FARM Media Van v.08 (Time Capsule)

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Dear reader,

This is Tammy. Sorry it’s been so long since my last post. You might think I’ve been laying low — just kicking back on autopilot on some tropical island with the man or woman that I love. But no way! I’ve been sitting right here in this cubicle, in this chair, in the exact same position, for weeks now. So when S... More

Something you just won’t see everyday:

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SFMOMA director Neal Benezra, with Elaine McKeon, tending bar in the Koret Visitor Education Center, for last night’s Marioni salon:

Tom Marioni; SFMOMA exhibitions design manager Kent Roberts.

Tammy Fortin; Kent Roberts

All pictures: Chris Brennan.

Many many more pictures of last night’s salon are here.


Tonight’s FREE BEER Guest Bartender? SFMOMA director Neal Benezra.

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For serious.

Tonight’s guest bartender at Tom Marioni’s salon is none other than SFMOMA director, Neal Benezra. And not only that, but Neal will be joined in his labors by long-time SFMOMA trustee and former chairman of the board, Elaine McKeon. It should be said that, among Ms. McKeon’s many leadership credits, it was she who recruited Neal from the Art Institute of Chicago in 2002. Also, she wears fabulous outfits.  I’m looking forward to seeing this pair’s prowess behind the bar.

Tonight’s all-star cast ALSO includes SFMOMA exhibition design manager & chief preparator of nearly thirty years, Kent Roberts, as the evening’s reader. Not to be outdone by Neal, Kent is bringing along his own sidekick, media arts assistant & Open Space regular, Tammy Fortin, who for certain won’t let herself be outdone by Elaine in the get-up department. Plus, she’ll be playing the drums.

ALSO on tonight: novelist Michael Cunningham and design... More

Tonight! Beer, surveillance, border crossings, chalkboard music

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Hey all,

Just a reminder that tonight’s Tom Marioni FREE BEER Salon is featuring that famous local painter Robert Bechtle as guest bartender, and that famous local news & gossip maven Leah Garchik as guest reader.

Also on tonight in the D-Space, starting at 7pm when the salon closes, is a cool-sounding project developed by Stanford students as part of our experiment Group Work, a collaboration between three types of institution: an art school (CCA), a research university (Stanford), and a modern art museum (that’s us). Peggy Phelan at Stanford, and Brian Conley at CCA, have been leading courses on art education and participation, and as part of their coursework, each student group is producing projects related to those themes. Tonight the Stanford group presents, and next Thursday the CCA group will be here.

Details from the Standford students:

We imagine a lively atmosphere with eccentric sounds, people in puppet clothes, photographs (like at an amusement park), and o... More

Call for experts in the impossible: this Saturday

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If you’re around this holiday weekend and harbor both a special talent for achieving the impossible and the lecturing skills to teach someone how to achieve that miracle themselves, a group of SFAI graduate students wants to hear from you. In conjunction with The Art of Participation, they are organizing an “Art of How-To: Intuitive, Impossible, and Absurd” mini-lecture hour in our Koret Visitor Education Center (slash “D-Space”) on Saturday afternoon, inviting you to come down and educate the public with your special wisdom. Everyone’s welcome to propose a topic, and selected presenters will be given five minutes to discourse. They’ll be shooting video and it’s possible we’ll post some of the results here on the blog.

Contact info and more details are here.


free hangover

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Dear reader, this is Tammy.

Last night, as part of the ongoing exhibition The Art of Participation, SFMOMA hosted the first in the series of the Tom Marioni salons: The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends Is the Highest Form of Art. Bringing this simple act into a museum setting required the building of a bar (which I am petitioning to keep well-stocked beyond the show) in the Koret Center, ordering twelve cases of Pacifico beer from the local Bevmo, the completion of many pink and green logistics forms, the administration of drink tickets, and t... More


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For serious, I have been waiting to post that headline for over a year.  Starting tonight! and for the next three months, we are hosting Bay Area conceptual artist and sculptor Tom Marioni‘s weekly salon, The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends Is the Highest Form of Art. If you’re not familiar with this work, Tom has been organizing the... More

Art of nearly participating

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Hey! It’s Masanori Mark Christianson, bass guitarist for Oakland’s indie rock band, The Heavenly States,  dangling Lygia Clark’s Diálogo: Óculos (Dialogue: Goggles)

Photo by Cynthia Mott.

Hey facebook, where I found this pic. Thanks, Mark!


Interview: Rudolf Frieling on The Art of Participation. Part II

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Tom Marioni, The Act of Drinking Beer with Friends Is the Highest Form of Art, 1970 – 2008, 1979 installation view at SFMOMA; © 2008 Tom Marioni; photo: Paul Hoffman

Part two of my conversation with Curator of Media Arts, Rudolf Frieling, on The Art of Participation. Yesterday we covered some specific projects in the exhibition and what an ‘art of participation’ might be; today we’re talking about the build-it-yourself cardboard furniture in the Koret Visitor Education Center, and the particular challenges and delights... More

Interview: Rudolf Frieling on The Art of Participation

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Matthias Gommel, Delayed, 2002; closed-circuit sound installation; photo: courtesy the artist; © 2008 Matthias Gommel

A few weeks back I had the chance to talk with Curator of Media Arts Rudolf Frieling about The Art of Participation: 1950 to Now, rolling in this Saturday. The exhibition looks at ways artists have been engaging audiences as col... More

No thing. Not anything. Naught. NOT YET.

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This is a portrait studio if I say so.

Doesn’t look like much, does it?

It will. This pair of empty desks and chairs tucked into a corner of the third-floor landing will shortly become the portrait studio for the Jochen Gerz project THE GIFT, part of the upcoming exhibition The Art of Participation: 1950 to Now. In brief: the exhibition ex... More