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The Shape of the Archive

04.24.2013  |  By
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“Every rhythm is a sense of something.” —Octavio Paz

Filmmaker Jean-Gabriel Périot reuses photographs and bits of old film already set tightly inside the grammar of history. He stacks or lists the sequences of archival pictures into new rhythms and velocities. The films are inflected by the aging body of media, the familiar grain of film sto... More

Harvard Bestows Hardware on Lord

05.01.2010  |  By
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I made a quick trip to Cambridge, MA yesterday to attend Harvard University’s award ceremony for Catherine Lord, recipient of the 2010 Harvard Arts Medal. Lord is one of the most original writers on art, archives and photographs of her generation – though I think she’s far less known than her exceptionally witty, insubordinate, and thoughtful writing earns her the right to be. Previous Harvard Arts Medal recipients include the likes of John Ashbery, composer John Adams, Mira Nair, John Updike, Jack Lemmon – big shots in ... More

New Langton in Crisis – A Response from the Board

08.03.2009  |  By
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Last week, in response to an announcement from the institution and a semi-public letter of resignation from its director Sandra Percival,  I posted that New Langton Arts has found itself in “serious financial jeopardy.” A conversation followed in the comments box here, mourning Langton’s loss (perhaps prematurely), diagnosing its... More