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Diary of a Crazy Artist: Advice for the Poor & Unknown

06.12.2012  |  By
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Almost every artist, writer, and poet I know is broke. But how is that possible? While a handful are doing OK, the vast majority are drowning in student loan debt, and the world just seems indifferent. Unlike people who went to school for other things, they are constantly told that getting their degree was a waste of time and they can never expect to make a living with their work. Worse yet, after absorbing all their student loan money, art schools aren’t helping place graduates in jobs.

But unlike the automotive industry, the financial i... More

Introducing “Who This?”: an art ID experiment

09.27.2009  |  By
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As a guest columnist for the next four months, I am now taking submissions for a new blogging series entitled “Who This?” consisting of images of contemporary artworks posted by collectors who have forgotten who the makers are. Face it, what art lover hasn’t picked up a work from a local nonprofit auction only to realize a while later that they’ve lost the darn piece of paper that lists the artist’s name? And, heavens, the artist didn’t sign it in the first place, relegating themselves to unending obscurity. Or maybe your roommate moved out and left behind something that they had collected but neglected to fill you in on the details about. So now you sit, stumped, wondering… “Who this?”

That work sits anonymously in your possession, like a lost soul. Is it famous? Is it minor? Who knows? Come out from the shadows and let the rest of us, a savvy viewing public, help you in identifying who the heck made it. Collectively we are a smart... More