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Anthony Discenza’s Controlled Release

05.15.2012  |  By
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Just released online, a few of Anthony Discenza’s older video works.


5 Questions: Anthony Discenza

05.09.2012  |  By
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[Five questions to SFMOMA artists, staff, or guests. Anthony Discenza is a visual artist, adjunct professor at CCA, and resident of Oakland. His sound installation A Viewing (The Effect) is on view through June 17 as part of the Descriptive Acts exhibition.]

Do you collect anything?

I maintain an extensive collection of beautiful, hand-blown anxieties, fears, and intimations of doom.

If you could spend an afternoon with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?

Hmm, that’s a tough one. Maybe Philip K. Dick, he’s def in my top five. (... More

Top 10 so far, 2010

01.20.2010  |  By
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It may only a few weeks into the new decade but I’m a-gonna hop on the “top 10″ list trend and do so for the front part instead of at the end. Who knew there would be so much going on already? I know, I know, some of these aren’t exactly “new” or necessarily “news.” But hey. It’s MY column.

1. ... More

20 Bay Area Artists & Videos

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In collaboration with Happenstand, last summer I compiled a provisional list of some of the most important living artists in the SF Bay Area to share with curator friends abroad and those visiting. It includes artists who have realized exhibitions at museums, solo shows at galleries, and experience outside California and in most cases the US. In other words it’s an attempt at a quantitative rather than qualitative survey. We called it Stance both as a play on the name Happenstand and the idea of taking a stance. Using the Stance artists a... More

Actor, Painter, Satire

12.04.2009  |  By
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Last summer my friend Tony and I began watching feature-length films that portray artists. Growing up in the US, these films were our first models for what it meant to live and behave like an artist. Watching them again has been an exercise in nostalgia but also a critical investigation into the national image of the artist. A few weeks into our research a friend pointed us to an excellent survey of artists-in-film by Temporary Services called Framing the Artists. It includes Bucket of Blood (1959) and Color Me Blood Red (1965), two B movies we had already watched that cast artists as serial killers. These are just two of dozens of films we found that not only stereotype artists but cast them as sociopaths, idiots, misanthropes etc. This from Temporary Services: It is our contention that by continually watching, cataloging, and analyzing these portrayals, artists can also gain a better understanding of their own responsibilities to their viewers and how the stereotypes hurt their abili... More

Coming Up: Greater Horrors, an interview with Anthony Discenza

09.16.2009  |  By
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For the past year artist Anthony Discenza has been installing, without permission, a series of street signs attached to sidewalk poles on Minna Street, near SFMOMA. Last month I emailed him a few questions about the ongoing project:

Let’s start with some stats on the The Street Signs Project. How many signs have you installed? How many have been confiscated vs. stolen? When did you start the project?

I started the project a little over a year ago, back in May or June of 2008.  To date, I think I’ve put up 14 signs; of those, 6 have ... More