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It’s November 5th. What the Heck Is Guy Fawkes Day?

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Guy Fawkes Day has been celebrated for centuries in Great Britain, but it only became popular in the United States after the graphic novel V for Vendetta was made into a movie. In V for Vendetta (by Alan Moore), the main character is a masked anarchist who seeks to topple the fascist government ruling the Great Britain of the near future. The mask he wears is purported to be the face of Guy Fawkes. In the film, the masked avenger, named V, methodically assassinates and/or bombs his way through the key figures in the regime, hoping to inspire oth... More

Anonymous Comic Book Antiheroes Protest BART Rider Slaying

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Rule number one for BART cops: DON’T SHOOT THE PASSENGERS. Hell, you have my permission to beat the BART riders with billy clubs, handcuff them, arrest them, tase them, pepper spray them, but for God’s sake, DON’T SHOOT THEM! Everyone knows that when cops shoot you they aim at your head or your chest. Cops don’t shoot to wound or disarm, they shoot to kill. If I am wrong please enlighten me. And whatever happened to rubber bullets? If BART cops have the green light to shoot at riders, can’t they at least use rubber... More

Palimpsest 8

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“Palimpsest, i.e., a parchment from which one writing has been erased to make room for another.” H.D.

“The practice of painting is much more a habit, rather than being something exquisite.”

Luc Tuymans


blank spots and

areas of color

where details are erased, left out—

particular areas of bold, deep color, [Orchid]

more quiet faded-looking color

or grays and

black but areas are filled

up with color

salient is the

puzzle-like quality


of photographs,

drawings, translated

from reality

from somewhere else?

laterality, aqua or

cerulean, ultramarine

or navy

roses in a yellow sky

like a hangover from

witless seeing

darklit sun

from the awareness

of windows

areas like objects


Introducing “Who This?”: an art ID experiment

09.27.2009  |  By
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As a guest columnist for the next four months, I am now taking submissions for a new blogging series entitled “Who This?” consisting of images of contemporary artworks posted by collectors who have forgotten who the makers are. Face it, what art lover hasn’t picked up a work from a local nonprofit auction only to realize a while later that they’ve lost the darn piece of paper that lists the artist’s name? And, heavens, the artist didn’t sign it in the first place, relegating themselves to unending obscurity. Or maybe your roommate moved out and left behind something that they had collected but neglected to fill you in on the details about. So now you sit, stumped, wondering… “Who this?”

That work sits anonymously in your possession, like a lost soul. Is it famous? Is it minor? Who knows? Come out from the shadows and let the rest of us, a savvy viewing public, help you in identifying who the heck made it. Collectively we are a smart... More