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Can Artists Afford to Live in San Francisco Any More?

10.10.2013  |  By

The rent is too darn high in San Francisco.

Worse yet, it’s too high for artists who come to the city looking for the culture that made it famous.

Remember the Beats? Those broke writers and poets who flocked here from around the country, coming for the cheap rent, the bookstores and the cafes? Or what about the hippies? The anti-authority ge... More

Admit It, Deep Down You Think New York Is Really Just Better than San Francisco in Every Way.

07.15.2011  |  By
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I am standing on top of the Empire State Building in New York, where King Kong once stood, and it’s tempting to try and calculate how many tiny, insignificant San Franciscos would fit into Manhattan. It’s tempting because I had the idea to just levitate all my friends and the whole peninsula across the country and just sort of set it down somew... More

Deborah Remington R.I.P.

05.19.2010  |  By
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I read in The New York Times that the American artist Deborah Remington died last week, nearly 80; what a wave of regret and desolation blew through me when I read these words. And yet I can say I had a grand encounter with her, just last year. Yes, I met her but once yet it was unforgettable.

I was writing a biography of the California poet Jack... More

“One almost feels like agreeing with Ginsberg’s Howl”

10.07.2008  |  By
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A bit of a gloomy tale from the Archives for a sunny fall day in San Francisco:

Irving Norman, Armies, n.d., © Irving Norman Trust,Courtesy of Michael Rosenfeld Gallery, LLC, New York, NY

Painter Irving Norman‘s 1962 pleas to George Culler for a little validation and a one-man show (first ignored, then harshly denied) include a doleful reference to Allen Ginsberg‘s poem Howl.  Not coincidentally, for this blog post anyway, today marks the anniversary of Ginsberg’s legendary first reading of the poem, at the Six Gallery on F... More