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VERTIGO Obsession Pt. 2: The Judy Room

07.31.2015  |  By
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Forgive me, readers, for I have sinned. My last post was over two years ago. You find me still obsessed over the subject of that post, the art work Vertigo, by Alfred Hitchcock, which in recent years has come to be considered the Greatest Film Ever Made. “Stand in line,” you say? Yes, there are all too many of us gaga for Madeleine an... More


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Flight 401 was the plane I mentioned that went down in the Florida Everglades in 1972.

There were human survivors of that crash, but also parts of the plane itself were salvaged and reused.

In 1974, Airport 1975 was released (pictured below). This was the first sequel to the successful 1970 film Airport. It starred Karen Black as a stewardess who is forced to pilot a Boeing 747 after the flight crew are all either killed or injured severely in a head-on crash with a twin-engine piston aircraft.

Encouraged by the success of the Airport films, th... More

Judy Must Live! Notes Before and After Seeing VERTIGO in IB Technicolor

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Since I first saw Vertigo at the age of 17 at the Aquarius Theatre in Palo Alto, it’s been a fantasy of mine to see it in its original imbibition Technicolor format. Unquestionably the greatest 35mm color motion-picture format ever created — due to its dye-transfer process, which produced prints known for their fantastically beaut... More

Admit It, Deep Down You Think New York Is Really Just Better than San Francisco in Every Way.

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I am standing on top of the Empire State Building in New York, where King Kong once stood, and it’s tempting to try and calculate how many tiny, insignificant San Franciscos would fit into Manhattan. It’s tempting because I had the idea to just levitate all my friends and the whole peninsula across the country and just sort of set it down somew... More

Doll Parts

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I saw this one doll had won the coveted Rondo award for best horror toy of the year 2008, and when I stopped laughing I fell in love. It is the new Barbie doll dressed as “Tippi” Hedren in Alfred Hitchcock’s horror classic The Birds. Heaven only knows the licensing fees that form the backstory of this one, but Mattel spotlights the Hitchcock name so avidly that you know his estate must be getting its cut. But what of Ms. Hedren herself? What’s she getting out of this, one wonders. America’s greatest actress is still alive and very beautiful at age 79 and she must approve in some fashion of this doll, and how do I know this? Because if you went on eBay and looked up this doll you can buy a copy she signed herself (comes complete with photos of her signing it, and of course, a “certificate of authenticity”). No living soul interested in Bay Area visual culture can turn their nose up at “Tippi” Hedren in The Birds, filmed largely right in our backyard in ... More