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Angels, we’ve heard . . . : Shelley Diekman on Bruce Conner and Edmund Shea

09.25.2013  |  By
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Beyond Belief: 100 Years of the Spiritual in Modern Art, jointly organized by SFMOMA and the Contemporary Jewish Museum (CJM), is on view at the CJM through October 27. Open Space presents a series of posts in which invited writers explore various aspects of the exhibition. Today’s post is a commentary by Shelley Diekman on the creation of the ANGELS series by Bruce Conner and his collaborator on these artworks, the San Francisco–based photographer Edmund Shea, who was her longtime partner.

In March 1971, Aretha Franklin played at the Fillmore in San Francisco. At the end of her concert she amazed the crowd by welcoming to the stage her friend Ray Charles, or as she introduced him, “Th... More

Manitoba Museum of Finds Art: Interview with Alberta Mayo

11.07.2011  |  By

From Tanya Zimbardo, SFMOMA assistant curator of media arts:

If you had visited the waiting area of the directors’ offices at SFMOMA between 1975 and 1978, you would have encountered an exhibition not advertised on the museum’s official schedule: one of the 23 shows organized by Alberta Mayo under the auspices of the Manitoba Museum of Finds Art (MMOFA). Mayo, then assistant to Director Henry Hopkins and Deputy Director Michael McCone, directed her own museum within “the other museum,” turning her administrative space into the venue for... More