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Image + Text: Monica de la Torre and Abigail Child Collaborate

12.17.2013  |  By
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Mónica de la Torre: To and No Fro is based on Luis Buñuel’s melodrama A Woman Without Love (1952), which is deemed his worst film, but is a wonderfully highbrow telenovela of sorts based on Guy de Maupassant’s novella Pierre et Jean. Its claustrophobic set designs are by the Mexican-Hungarian painter Gunther Gerzso, and the film’s c... More

From the Open Space Archives: Hello World!

09.13.2013  |  By

From the Open Space Archives is a thematic digest of content culled from the last five years of posts on Open Space.

Arguably, artists do the most interesting things with technology: from interventions to manipulation, to creating new environments that make us temporarily happy. These posts contain both artists’ projects involving technology and ... More

Abigail Child on Loretta Lux

11.14.2011  |  By

Our One on One series features artists, writers, poets, curators, and others, from around the country, responding to works in SFMOMA’s collection. You can follow the series here. Today, please welcome media artist and writer Abigail Child.


I write the piece below and am reminded by a friend that Lux’s photographs verge on kitsch... More