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Home movies are important

07.06.2012  |  By
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1. Personal expression, not corporate expression.
2. Small-gauge cameras were almost everywhere and witnessed almost everything.
3. Cameras, extensions of hands and eyes, made fluid and often intimate records of daily life.
4. They often provide surprising and hitherto-unseen records of historically significant events.
5. They’re records of quotidian events that often escaped recording otherwise.
6. They document everyday rituals, ceremonies, and behavior; commonalities, but even more important, divergences.
7. Their ubiquity and sheer number (many millions) render them indistinguishable from the world they record.
8. No conventional film can ever be as unpredictable or violate received logic as much as a home movie.
9. Almost every one is a unique, unduplicated record of an unrepeatable moment. (Most exist as single copies.)
10. They present stories without the excessive narrativization plaguing feature films and current documentaries.
11. You think you’ve seen them before... More

Congratulations, 16mm!

03.08.2010  |  By
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…on your first time to be used in the photography of  an Academy Award recipient for Best Picture and Direction:  Bay Area native Kathryn Bigelow’s The Hurt Locker. Let’s hear it for small-gauge filmmaking!!  ¡Viva celluloide!