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In our regular feature Collection Rotation, a guest selects from SFMOMA’s collection works online. This fall artists with Bay Area ties take over the series. In addition to their rotations, we asked each artist to answer poet Robert Duncan’s request to students in his 1958 Workshop in Basic Techniques and provide us with a set of influences for their work — a “constellation of their genius.” Today, please welcome Annie Albagli.

In my travels and moves, I find that my work shifts to reflect certain nuances of a new location. There is a parallel narrative to which I respond: one of the changing landscape around me and its particular color story alongside the community of each new place. These different dynamics influence the narrative and trajectory of my work.

Nathan Oliveira, Santa Fe Wing, 1987

Nathan Oliveira, <i>Santa Fe Wing</i>, 1987

Richard Diebenkorn, Woman in Profile, 1958

Richard Diebenkorn, <i>Woman in Profile</i>, 1958

Mark Rothko, No. 14, 1960, 1960

Mark Rothko,<i> No. 14, 1960</i>, 1960

Barry McGee, Untitled, 2009

Barry McGee, <i>Untitled</i>, 1996/2009

Robert Duncan’s request to students in his 1958 Workshop in Basic Techniques. We asked our guests to replace “poet” with “artist”:

 In The Collected Books of Jack Spicer, edited by Robin Blaser (Los Angeles: Black Sparrow, 1975), p. 358.

In <i>The Collected Books of Jack Spicer</i>, edited by Robin Blaser (Los Angeles: Black Sparrow, 1975),  358.


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Anne Albagli’s work has been exhibited nationally and internationally, and has included public and social practice projects in the United States and Middle East. For more information on Albagli’s work, please visit


  1. Nanette Shaw Says:

    Great Job! So proud of you Annie. I’m so happy the name lives on. She would’ve been “qvelling “

  2. Nathaniel Williams Says:

    Great Job! I love your paintings, especially the on that looks like a angel wing. It reminds me of my favorite show of Supernatural about angels and demons. I like how you did the shadings of the white going light white and going to make a shadow affect. Well your work is awesome so keep up the good work.

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