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October 25, 2013  |  By

From the Open Space Archives is a thematic digest of content culled from the last five years of posts on Open Space.

Unknown Weaver, Flemish (active around 1500 in Brussels), The Unicorn in Captivity, between 1495 and 1505

Unknown Weaver, Flemish (active around 1500 in Brussels),<i> The Unicorn in Captivity</i>, between 1495 and 1505

Are unicorns real? Truth lies somewhere in between words and images. These posts explore the space between meaning and representation, fiction and reality.

  • To see the unseeable is glorious and awe-inspiring, it’s disquieting and misleading, it makes us question our ability to understand the world and allows us to marvel at our ability to learn so much despite our limitations. Renny Pritikin on researching the invisible –>

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  1. Mac McGinnes Says:

    Does anyone remember the series of Unicorn Tapestry graffiti that appeared in the New York City subways in the mid 60s. There were many, but the only one I remember is: The Unicorn Tapestry is a horse of a different color.

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