Pandemonium of gallery openings

January 17, 2013  |  By
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There are more openings this weekend than I have seen in while, which is at once exciting and burdensome. Are you ready? Ready to navigate the hot sweaty clumps of people networking, flirting, having reunion like conversations while blocking the art? Have you created your game plan of how to effectively get to five different galleries in the matter of four hours??? Or have you thrown your hands up in the air while uttering an expletive as I just did?


But there is hope, there is the Engineer’s Daughter aka Heidi J. De Vries, who has created a list of most if not all of the openings taking place in the next six days. Thank you, Heidi J. De Vries, thank you.


Other art calendars that are noteworthy (Please inform me of new ones!)

Fecal Face


ARTFORUM (not complete, but there is an app)


Come and be merry in the wealth of art openings this month and talk about it.




  1. Monique Says:

    This weekend looks exciting! Missed a few last weekend, too. BTW, I also use:

  2. Charlene Tan Says:

    Thank You!!

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